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Testimonials on palm tours &safaris

''Great Service I'm impressed with the prompt response and professionalism. I totally would recommend this company to everyone I meet''.
''Warm & Memorable Experience with Palm Tours Jambo 🙂 We enjoyed a very memorable and personalized holiday experience thanks to Palm Tours. Mohammed was super responsive and flexible to our needs. He paid attention to our requests and went out of his way to make us comfortable and happy. His parting gift was very thoughtful and A-MA-ZINGGGGG, reminding us that we have a new family in Zanzibar. We also completely loved Juma (our tour guide): very friendly, patient, smart, knowledgeable, and an excellent photographer;). He was with us for 2 days and he was great company. With Palm Tours, you are in great hands!''
'' Totally recommend Professional and Spot On. I discussed with them what I was looking at in creating a Zanzibar itinerary for my tour agency, came on a familiarization trip without even meeting them and it turned out amazing. From pick up at the port to transfers and all. I would highly recommend it.''
''Memories to last a lifetime From arrival in Serengeti to departure, Palm Tours has been with us every step of the way, making sure we get to our destination on time, do our activities on time, and be back at our hotel/lodge on time. Muhammad, Juma, and his team are fully dedicated to making sure you have the time of your life and go back home with memories to last you a lifetime.''
''Our prison island and Safari blue experience were worthwhile with exceptional professionalism exhibition by Palm tours. We actually did a Stone tour and Spice market exploration. We went to the center where the slave trade happened in the past and we got an overview of how it was equally abolished. We further discussed a lot about the emancipation of the great people of Zanzibar and its diverse cultural heritage indeed Palm Tours remains the best and the astute tour Guide Mr. Yahya did justice for easy assimilation. Our Experience was a memorable one and I almost cried leaving ZANZIBAR''.
''Excellent Service
Palm Tours made our Zanzibar trip an unforgettable experience. All our tours were expertly organized and delightful experience. Special praise to our guide Yahya on all our tours, you were awesome. Thanks Palms Tours!!''
''Company very professional
The guide was really qualified and we learned a lot of interesting things on Zanzibar ! Company very professional !
''Travel professional The company is very professional. Help us with everything. Covid test was a breaze. We didn't have to worry about anything. Gave good history information about Zanzibar''.
''Amazing Review Explore the nature inside Serengeti The visit to safari blue. Swimming with the fished in the middle of the ocean.. and the visit to the natural swimming pool that’s amazing''
''Great Host In Zanzibar The Palm Tours guys are simply amazing. Their service is 10/10 and I strongly recommend them. Bravo!''
''Excellent experience with Palm Tours We took a large conference group to Zanzibar and Palm Tours was the ground operator for this group. Everything ran very smoothly. The guides and services were excellent. I would highly recommend Palm Tours!''
''Stone town and prison island We had an absolutely amazing time on our walking tour with tour guide JUMA☺️ we felt very safe and he was full of local history! He even let us stop to get food for breaks as he was very detailed about Zanzibar and their culture☺️☺️☺️ we can not wait to go back as he had a lot of patience. He was able to make our tour whatever we wanted!!!!''

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Our Services

Before coming to Zanzibar, please let us know what service are you interested in.

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With our airconditioned vehicles, our guide and drivers will be at the meeting point on time dressing so smart. All our vehicles have cold mineral water for you. Our smart guides speak English and French fluently. For any other language speakers, please let us know in advance.



Before we book any hotel for you, we must be sure of the standard of the hotel if it is still satisfactory or not. We have town hotels and beach hotels on all coasts of the island. Let us know what you need to have at the hotel so that we can book a proper one for you.

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To enter Tanzania, some countries need to have Tanzania visas. Others need to have referral visas. We are happy to assist you in getting your Tanzania visas at a very proper time. 

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Not everyone knows what are the interesting attractions to you. You need to get an experienced tour operator who really understands your entire needs and wants and the reason for coming to Zanzibar for your holiday.

After you saw the above testimonials, now see the attractions they visited.



In Tanzania, we have world heritage such as Serengeti, Kilimanjaro mountain, Ngorongoro crater, and many more. These will give you an amazing experience by watching the real wildlife and enjoying the best lodges for your holiday. Click the below button to get more details and tell us what park you love to visit.



Depending on the number of the delegation you have. In Zanzibar, we have varieties of conference venues. We have the venues at the beach hotels and town hotels. But you need to know which one suits your function. That’s why we as Palm Tours and Safaris have to do site inspection from time to time to ensure the standard of the venues remain incredible.


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Zanzibar Prison Island

The trip is a half-day trip and we as Palm Tours and Safaris provide our guests with fresh tropical fruits, cold mineral water, and an escort guide. This is one of the wonderful photographically beaches. 

Zanzibar History

The word Zanzibar is derived from two main words which are Zenjil= People, -bar= Coast.

Zanzibar was a big coastal area before the division of land. At the moment it is a combination of two main islands which are Unguja and Pemba. It is also surrounded by many small islands such as Prison Island, Bawe island, Graves island, Pungume island, Mienmembe Island, Tumbatu island, Misail island, Chumbe island, Mnemba island, snakes island, and many more.

Zanzibar My Mark

Are you interested in having your Mark here in Zanzibar? Are you excited to tell your friends to visit your mark in Zanzibar during their holiday? If yes, then this trip is for you. We assist you to have one of the below marks.

1- To plant a tree and put your name under it. 

2- To build or repair a classroom of one of the public schools and give it your name.

3- To dig a well for society and give it your name.

4- To build a hospital for society and give it your name.

What is your interest? 


Zanzibar Safari Blue

When you see the color of every picture in this activity, you will discover why we call this trip Safari Blue. The ocean is amazing. The food you eat is fresh seafood. Generally, this is the first trip that everyone who comes to our island must do.

Zanzibar My Leisure

After a long working period, you now need to enjoy with either your family, friends or collides. On this day, we pick you up from the hotel and head to stone town where we board our wooden boat and ride offshore to the sand bank. Here you will see the wonders of Zanzibar. 

Sunset Dhow Cruise

Zanzibar sunset dhow cruise is an ocean activity that gives a full experience of how the sultan was enjoying with his family during sunset time. They were using a wooden dhow and started cruising while enjoying Zanzibar snacks, soft drinks, and fresh tropical fruits. 

Jozani Forest

Zanzibar Jozani Forest is where the visitors go for watching red monkeys, mangrove swamps, and mahogany forest. This is a half-day trip. If you are interested in nature, to seeing the red monkeys who are available only in Zanzibar then this trip is for you. You can combine this trip with either a spice tour or stone town tour or Prison island tour depending on your interest. 

Swim with Turtles

If you are interested in swimming with turtles then this trip is for you. Let us take you from the hotel to the aquarium whereby the visitors mainly go there to experience the nature of Zanzibar marine. After swimming, we take you to Kendwa Rock beach where you will enjoy the beach and get your own lunch. Here you can also swim if you are interested and when you are happy enough we drive you back to the hotel.

Swahili Cooking Lessson

Swahili Cooking Lesson is a special trip whereby the guests are taught how to prepare Swahili dishes. This trip is for those who are interested. We pick you up from the hotel to the village where we prepare this lesson. This trip includes lunch which you cook during the lesson.

Swim in the Swahili Cave

This is a new experience whereby the visitors access swimming in the cave where there is natural fresh cold water. You lay on the water and get nice pictures and experiences. Then, outside the cave is where you have your lunch while enjoying traditional drumming and dancing. 

Dolphin & Snorkeling

Zanzibar Dolphin & Snorkeling is a popular Zanzibar water sport mainly done by almost all visitors who come to Zanzibar for their holiday. It is a half-day trip and we need to be at the boarding point at 9:00 am. Therefore we need to pick you up from the hotel at 8:00 am. We as Palm Tours and safaris always provide you with a seafood lunch or vegetable food for the vegetarians at the beachside.

Zanzibar Diving

Zanzibar Diving is one of the best and most popular water sports which is mainly done by qualified divers. This trip must be done before 48hrs before your departure date through flying.

Zanzibar Quad Adventure

Zanzibar quad adventure is a unique experience whereby the tourists explore the landscape of Zanzibar with the village life. You can be single or Double per quad bike. You need to bring your license, sun protection, and cash for spending on the way with your camera.


Zanzibar Jet skiing is a popular water sport that is specific for those guests who are interested in ocean activities. You can do it as a single or Double on the same Jet depending on your choice. 

Zanzibar Parasailing

Zanzibar Parasailing is a unique experience for those who are interested in an overview of Zanzibar Island and flying like a bird. You can fly as a Single or Double. As double you can fly if you are less than 70 kg each. 

Zanzibar Deep Sea Fishing

Zanzibar Deep Sea Fishing is a particular water sport done in Zanzibar whereby the guests get time to experience real fishing. This can be either a half-day or full-day trip. 

Zanzibar Village Tour

Zanzibar Village Tour gives you a whole experience of the beauty of the village life with its culture. You will visit the village destinations where the people live in their real life.

Zanzibar Sky Diving

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Made of Zanzibar

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Zanzibar Kite Surfing

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Zanzibar Wedding Ceremony

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Zanzibar Hiking

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Pemba Mfisa Safari

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Surround Zanzibar

This is an island trip that gives you a full day time to visit some of the islands surrounding  Zanzibar. We will visit Prison island, Bawe island, Snakes island, and graves island. Only Prison island we can goon it to see the big tortoises there, prison building and get time to swim and snokerl.