This is a small island in front of Stone town which is just 30min away by boat. It was before known as Changuu island where the type of fish called CHANGU {Snaper fishes} were mainly fished by the locals. The British minister in the 1890s decided to build a Prison for the crimes. But when the sultan visited this place, he found out that the place was like a paradise and too good to be used as a Prison. The sultan stopped the mission and it was then used as a quarantine for cholera victims. Now, this island is one of the best attractions in Zanzibar whereby the guests go there to see the giant tortoises, do their best snorkeling, and enjoy the amazing beach. 

The trip is a half-day trip and we as Palm Tours and Safaris provide our guests with fresh tropical fruits, cold mineral water, and an escort guide. This is one of the wonderful photographically beaches. 

It is recommended to go for this trip in the morning before it is hot or at 3:00 pm. Please advise the meeting point and our guide and driver will pick you and drop you there.

NB: The trip is always Private and not shared. This is because we need our guests to be free in decision making although we can do it in individual, couples, and groups of the same members.


It is advised to take the below staff during this trip.

The trip includes:

You can combine this trip with a Stone town tour or Spice tour or Both.

Policies and conditions.

You can book this trip in anytime just one day before so that we get time for the preparation. The booking is always confirmed after the payment. You can either pay by our  online payment link or cash to our accountant. After the payment and preparation for the tour, the payment is non-refundable.

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